Natural remedies for a toothache

It is far too often that I get toothache calls on Saturday night. The usual scenario is a patient whose tooth has been brewing for a short while but the pain hasn’t been significant enough to bring them into my office. Now it is the weekend and they have a dinner date, a family party, or as in my most current and comical call…an out of town bachelor party and they are the bachelor.


The medications needed to properly treat dental infections are often prescription drugs and inaccessible to patients. Perhaps they don’t have a dentist or worse can’t reach their dentist. So they are  stuck, it’s the weekend, it’s late, and their tooth aches horribly and shoots radiating pain everywhere. What can they do ?

The following is a list of at home and over the counter remedies that I suggest. They will make your toothache temporarily better but in no way will they treat it. You will have to visit a dentist for proper diagnoses and treatment to get completely pain-free.

So here goes:

A Motrin and Tylenol analgesic mix works great for mouth pain and it is over the counter. Four Motrin is 800mg which is prescription strength. Take the pills with food, wait 20 minutes and take one extra strength Tylenol. This combination works wonders. Just make sure your health or current list of medications allows you to take drugs from the NSAIDs family. The above drug regimen may repeated every six to eight hours.

Oil of clove contains eugenol which is calming for hot teeth. If your tooth is cracked or has a hole in it, carefully clean out any debris with either a toothpick or a cotton pellet. Soak a q-tip in the oil of clove and apply it directly to your achy tooth.  Be careful not to touch the oil to any soft tissue as this will burn. Some people complain of the taste but the relief is far worth it.

Rinse your mouth with straight Hydrogen Peroxide followed by warm sea salt water. Do this many times throughout the day.

Famous Hippocrates praised garlic and all its medicinal properties. When crushed, garlic releases allicin, a compound with an antibiotic effect that theoretically may slow down the acids produced by the bacteria in your tooth, and hence slow down your pain. It is also good during flu season.

Apply either vanilla or almond extract on a q-tip to your tooth.

 Synergistically, all of the above remedies bring relief to a toothache but none of them cure it. Remember that dental infections come from many sources and there is no cookbook way to treat them. The infection’s etiology, or cause,  must first be determined before proper treatment applied. This diagnoses needs a dentist so make sure you visit yours regularly. However, if you’re that unlucky soul who develops that blaring nasty toothache Saturday night, follow my home remedies and you will feel better.

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