Calming your scared patients

Sing away.

Humming counts too.scared_patient

That’s right…sing to your patients. I have found that nearly each person I treat, especially the anxious and scared people, are calmed and pacified by a singing dentist.  Perhaps it’s the distraction from dentistry’s sounds and smells. Perhaps it’s the amusement of having me engage in silly rhythm and out of tune melody. Maybe they just like my taste in music, or not, and the tunes bring them back to different memories.

I don’t know what it is. But I promise that you too would find a singing dentist amusing. It often sparks cute conversation, if not between me and my patients, then certainly between me and my eighties loving assistants. We often fall into music trivia regarding the singers and the time of the music. I had a patient ask me the other day if I had big hair in the eighties? No, I answered, I was a teenager in the eighties and I had a perm. Permed hair and braces…mmhh.

Music is like smell, it instantly draws a memory which is a good thing in the dental chair. We want our patients to be distracted because nobody wants to have the private and tender space of their mouth invaded. But if they must, then who better to be the invader then their singing dentist?

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